Monday, June 25, 2012


Before starting any lifestyle program, "diet" program, weight loss program, workout program, any program you need to have a PLAN..

Sure the coach maps out a plan for you but if you do not plan to plan you will FAIL

I guarantee it! 

9 times out of 10 people fail programs because they do not plan to succeed in the program.

These people have:
  • 0 goals
  • 0 groceries
  • 0 schedule
  • 0 motive
  • 0 PLAN
So what do I mean by 0 plan..

Well lets say you sign up with a weight loss program and you follow every single instruction but:
-You don't schedule a time to workout
-You don't grocery shop
-You don't prepare meals
-You don't have daily goals, weekly goals, biweekly goals, monthly goals, 3,6,9 month goals...

So the first week works out for you because you just decided to find the time to workout and you went to the grocery store with the list and found the easy recipes how you say easy so you bought the fruits and yogurts and you really have no goal in mind you just hope to lose those 5 pounds you gained over the last year. 

"But its your best friends birthday" and theres liquor, cake and your ALL TIME favorite loaded potato skins and since you are "dieting" you have made this your "cheat meal" and hoard the entire tray along with cake, shots, long island ice tea's and god knows what else....

So you are on this "diet" and:

I will start again monday...

and the cycle O shoot my sister is getting married and I really don't want to look like a cow next to her so here comes the next plan...

and the next...

But why are you failing?

You really need to ask yourself these questions before starting another one those "diets" your co-worker lost 15 pounds on..

Why did i purchase programs in the past?
  • Did they work for you girlfriends?
  • Celebrity Inspired?
  • Sounded good at the time?

Did I have defined goals? Weekly goals? Daily goals? 
  • Did I make actual goals: drink 8 oz of water today, add 1 more serving of vegetables, try a veggie juice, add 10 more minutes to my cardio
  • Go to the gym 4 times this week, try a hike with a girlfriend instead of our weekly lunch, bring lunch to work everyday
  • Lose 3 inches from my waist, fit into my "skinny" jeans, have to buy new clothes 2 sizes smaller

Listing actual obtainable goals:
  • Listing goals dealing with weight loss ,inches lost, nutritional goals 
    Example could be : I want my waist to be 25 inches and I will do this by: 
    I want to start a workout program I love and workout 4 times a week

Did I define why I am having trouble losing weight? Do I have a food allergy? Lack of energy? Food addictions? (soda,sugar etc.)
  • Using a food consumption chart like this: FOOD CONSUMPTION RECORD for 3-5 days and start noticing patterns. Maybe your breakfast has more sugar then you can imagine so you crash by noon and want more sugar which leads to more and more and more...and you get the point
  • Do you notice that you are more bloated after some meals? gassy? This could be an allergy, I suggest going to the doctor and getting tested. Just because you do not break out in hives and have to be rushed to the hospital does not mean you do not have a food allergy
  • Do you feel like you are dragging at a certain point in the day? 
  • Do  you have to have your frozen yogurt or Starbucks everyday to even make it? Do you know what the nutritional status of these items are? 

Ask yourself why your last program did not work:
  • Maybe you hated the food,
  • Felt like an idiot doing the workout
  • Your lifestyle may not work with a program that has you cooking at every meal and working out every single day for 2 hour

Again ask yourself WHY and be detailed about it whether it be:
  • I just didn't have the time
  • The food tasted like POOP
  • The workout was to difficult
  • I was not coordinated enough to do the movements
  • I felt like I could not keep up and I just threw in the towel

Before starting any lifestyle changes you MUST plan to make these changes! 

No plan is a quick fix, all changes should be life long changes and fit into your current lifestyle.

Sure some programs like to boast how easy it is if you buy a product from them and how yummy it is but honestly how long do you want to put artificial crap into your system? It is time to really plan and have a plan that WORKS for you! No one's lifestyle is alike! Someone might work the same hours as you but have a gym in there apartment building and love to cook, someone else may not work at all but have 5 kids who hate vegetables and a small budget for extra activities.

Stop dreaming and START DOING

What is your plan today?

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