Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today has been so much fun!

I have been practicing with my food meditations and have come so far and I am SO PROUD OF MYSELF!

If you are not sure what food meditations are tune in for next Tuesdays tip TUESDAY where I will go over how to do this.

I did this workout before I headed out to the famers market! Let me tell you I felt SO ENERGIZED

I purchased:
Papaya, Grapefruit, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Arugula, Hummus, Seeds, Sprouts, Eggplant, Sweet Potatoes (oldie but a goodie), and a dozen farm fresh eggs!

I also grabbed two cookies and a brownie for my husband but....

I ate one cookie toady :)

By the way this picture does not DO it justice!

How crazy are these tomatoes! 

Never had seen these/heard of these but I guess they make things sweet? 

Anyone know what these are?

We had a Shih Lunch Adventure as we took our smallest Shih: Gigi, to the vet to see if she is pregnant  (still unsure...)

How cute are the Shihs? I am obsessed...they are my children..LITERALLY :)

Get your workout clothes on and get working out!!

Feel free to COMMENT and let me know how Work It Wednesday's Workout went as I know you will be WORKING IT!

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