Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I hope all of you are enjoying your week....

I have been following my STAR SYSTEMZ plan by taking my workouts to the hotel gym and eating the most nutritious foods but still of course LOVING life out in Playa! 

It has been so fun and so care-free. I may not have results next week but I know I will maintain which is what is most important. I am loving my muscle definition and I can not wait to see those abs pop! I am not one of the lucky ones with the good genes I really REALLY REALLY have to work for anything on my body!

As they say:
"80-90% DIET, 10% WORKOUT"

I am in Playa Del Carmen on my honeymoon with my husband so posts may be spastic but I could never let you down and not give you a workout!

If you do not have dumbbells at home grab a milk jug and feel that thing with water and you have yourself a kettle bell/dumbbell :)

I am loving the food here in Playa!

They really cater to all dietary needs which I love because I can enjoy dessert :)

That green stuff is broccoli mash
The waiter stated that it is broccoli and green peas steamed to be pureed with spices
A nice fistful of fish to get my protein and some more veggies

They really cater to all dietary needs which I love because I can enjoy dessert :)
A raw sorbet fruit delight

 My husband enjoyed a chocolate cheesecake
Such presentation...

We decided to go sailing and let me tell you...

I was launched to sea on accident and had NO idea what I was doing and of course I did not have my contacts in so I was literally lost at sea for about 5 minutes...

I survived and taught myself how to sail :)

We both got in and went for quite some time..
I am obsessed with the ocean and we had a BLAST sailing the OCEAN BLUE...

 or turquoise...

Loving the open sky...

If you could take your workout anywhere where would you take it?

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