Monday, June 11, 2012


If you follow me on twitter @c0urtstar, you know I am SICK! I have an inner ear infection and to state that I feel like I am constantly high (not that I would know) is an UNDERSTATEMENT

This quote really spoke to me this morning because even though I have been sick and not truly able to go full force in a workout I have been practicing stretching, Mat Pilates, and lightly walking around my neighborhood when I feel up to it :)

I miss my hardcore workouts and sweating like crazy when leaving the gym and trust me I am dying to go but completely quitting your workout routine is one of the worst things you can do. Trust me, resting and taking rest days are CRUCIAL but if you completely lift the emergency brake on your car it can be more harmful then good! So get stretching sister :)

Eating tons of healthy food helps too :)

Meal for my hubby: Pita, Salad with carrots, pineapple, raisins, and walnuts with some rice pilaf and grilled chicken 

I have been craving sweets and a slice of papaya with some raw honey has done the trick (so far)

Steamed broccoli, green peas, squash and grilled chicken

Thawing out some chicken to prepare for the next few meals

Mix of leftovers (best meal yet)

Update on me:

-I have quit my Lexapro (anxiety meds) and let me tell you its been difficult but since I have been practicing food meditations, deep breathing (through the nose and out the nose), and stretching it has been helping A TON. When a situation comes up where I feel that rush of stress I just breathe and stretch it out of my body!

-I have completely rid of WHEY PROTEIN and I am feeling so much lighter and not so sluggish! I really do believe that you can be allergic to just about anything. Stop and feeling how your body feels after certain meals. Just because EVERYONE hypes about WHEY protein and its health benefits there are tons of other options that work with those with dairy allergies: Hemp Protein, Rice Proteins, Egg White Proteins, Kefir

Sun Warrior Protein is going to be my next trial :)

-Like I said above, I am stretching like a fanatic and have started practicing pilates again (in hopes of abs) and of course better posture! Ladies you know ALL about osteoporosis so start putting those shoulders back, getting your daily calcium requirements and weight lifting!

My Power Pilates Certification Book

What are some changes you have made? Comment and let me know! I love being inspired :)

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