Sunday, December 11, 2011


Working on your tan daily can be harmful to the skin especially for those who have pink undertones with pale skin. I, being Irish have this skin and have learned the hard way that laying out for several hours with oil and than heading to the tanning bed is a BIG NO NO! From this experience and with my obsession of being super tan, I learned the art of Spray Tanning. As part of Star Systemz, I believe that every woman should look and feel there very best! Feeling this way usually requires eating healthy, working out and taking good care of yourself mentally and physically. Just like getting your makeup done or hair touched up a good spray tan can give you that youthful, healthy glow that will SHINE!

This day in age there are many other ways to get that desired youthful glow with one of them being a spray tan! No more excuses to lay out for several hours and here are the top ten reasons to avoid the sun and those harmful tanning beds!

  1. Signs of aging and sunspots may not be shown until later on in life but most of those fine lines and spots were caused before the time we were 18 years old.
  2. Skin diseases such as Rosacea caused by countless hours in the sun, gives you red blotchy skin
  3. Age related cataracts is caused by the sun so anytime you are outside put those stunner shades on :)
  4. Skin cancer is one of the MAJOR reasons to avoid those sunless beds and lying out in the sun! Although most can be removed, having something such as cancer on your skin which by the way is your largest organ is scary.
  5. No one likes to look like an alligator or be that older lady who is tan but looks like aged leather!
Need a quick tan? Star Systemz offers mobile spray tanning with a customized formula, and right to your home! Get glowing for those holiday parties and book your appointments now

Love and Shine

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