Friday, December 16, 2011

By adding some honey to your beauty regime you will be the Queen Bee in no time :)

Honey is miraculous because it will attract and keep moisture in the skin due to its humectant properties. If you are looking for your dry skin to become supple, elastic and silky soft than Queen Bee Mask is for you!

Honey is also an anti-oxidant which is always good when you need a clean face! Remember this when shopping for honey: the darker the honey the more anti-oxidants it will contain.

Queen Bee Face Mask
All you need is organic honey!

  1. Place warm water in a bowl large enough to place the honey jar inside
  2. Let honey jar soak into the warm water bowl until it liquifies
  3. Than take a small brush and evenly distribute the honey
  4. Leave mask on for 20 minutes and relax
  5. Wash off with warm water, pat dry and put on a light moisturizer to soak it all in
  6. You are now Queen Bee
Enjoy your masks especially those of you in cold winter weather which is extra drying to the skin

Love and Shine


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