Tuesday, February 28, 2012


What are you working on for yourself? Start by switching those bad habits to good ones!

What if you were able to just put down that pizza, chocolate bar, cigarette, starbucks drink or soda? What power would you hold being able to set that bad habit down and walk away and grab something else?

A bad habit ends through change. What change can YOU make to let go of that bad habit?

For some, it takes radical damage to occur or an event to create change. For most, it really just takes replacing it with something else. Another habit..but it needs to be a "good" habit.

Here are some ideas of good habits:

Feel like chowing down on some chips or nibbling on processed snacks?
-Write it down! Studies show that writing down your bad habit or even just scrabble will take your mind somewhere else.
-The next time you feel like munching, grab a piece of paper and a pen/pencil or even colored pens or pencils and get writing and or drawing.

Always grab a soda at your lunch break?

-Start by drinking soda water and squeezing a lime in it
-The fuzziness of the soda water will cure that habit and the lime will give it just the flavor it needs
-If you have to have that coca cola taste start by mixing half soda water and half the soda that way you can ween yourself off of that bad habit
-Learn to suck down waters instead! 0 calories, refreshing and just what the body needs

Work on ONE habit at a time. If you are one to have many habits, do not stress! Just focus on one at a time. You will get there and YOU have the confidence, you just have to do it.

Just remember to keep things consistent. Do NOT, and I repeat do NOT just break that bad habit because you feel you have overcome it. Studies show that it takes at LEAST 31 days but I say it takes 3 months to banish a bad habit. I know because I was highly and I mean not living a day without sugar. The high I got and how I felt while doing homework by eating a bag of gummy bears was priceless. I now indulge in a sweet about once a week or if that. If I can do it YOU can do it :)

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