Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wedding Spray Tan

Glowing, blushing and gorgeous the bride looks fabulous hair done, makeup done, with tan lines and bright red. Why is this? She wanted to be tan for her wedding so she spent hours worshipping the sun to find out that she needed to put sunscreen on after she was burnt. To hide a burn is very difficult as the skin is already irritated and dry sometimes even chapping.

Don't look like this on your wedding day:

Take the easy way out and go for a spray tan! Spray Tanning is a safe, quick and an effective way to get the desired color you are going for! Why risk it? Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and unless you are a model the most amount of pictures you will probably take in your life so why not look your best? Sure the sun is free but the time you waste and the chances you take really outweigh the cost.

The best time to get a spray tan is one or two days before the big event! You won't be orange especially with my specialized formula and I have a satisfaction guarantee! I am certified and trained by the top spray tanning technicians and will provide you with the color you desire!

Why not give it a shot? You sure don't want to look like a pasty white bride or a burnt tomato!

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